• Python Deep Learning

Summary: Students will gain critical skills in Python deep learning covering predictive analytics, Neural networks and algorithms, classifications and clusters in implementing Artificial Intelligence. 

Module 1 (Python basics for data science): 

  •   Python 3
  •   Jupyter basics and advanced
  •   Numpy/Scipy
  •   Pandas basics and advanced
  •   Matplotlib for visualization
  •   Working with other tools such as Tableau, Big Query, cloud based tools etc.


Module 2 (Data science and Tensorflow):

  •   Intro to Tensor Flow
  •   Advanced Online learning: Regression
  •   Advanced Online learning: Classification with linear regression
  •   Advanced Online learning: Advanced classification with random forests, SVM etc.
  •   Text analytics intro: sentiment analysis and topic mining
  •   Advanced Online learning: hierarchical clustering, MDS
  •   Advanced Online learning: geospatial and other clustering topics
  •   Cluster visualization and graph explorations


Module 3 (Advanced ML with Neural Nets, Deep Learning):

  •   Intro to Neural Nets
  •   MLPs and applications
  •   Intro to deep learning (a history and survey of research)
  •   CNNs and application to image classification
  •   RNNs and application for audio analysis
  •   LSTMs for time-series prediction and anomaly detection
  •   GANs for image analysis and generating deep fake videos (project)  

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Python Deep Learning

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